Picnic Paradise Vinyl Pergola

Mae Shed and Playground

  • 6,19995


-Today’s vinyl is a high quality product that’s strong, durable and beautiful. The best part? Very little maintenance is required to keep it clean and fresh looking year after year—just mild soap and water does the trick. Plus, because our vinyl is made from 50% recycled materials using nonpolluting manufacturing methods, you can feel good about more than just the beauty of your vinyl pergola... You can know that you’re helping protect the environment, too.

• Maintenance Free

• Durable

• Won’t Warp

• Won’t Crack or Split

• Looks fresh

-Picnic Paradise Fire up the grill and invite the neighbors—there’s plenty of room for everyone in this casual, comfortable pergola. Built with a sleek design and white vinyl, it’s clean, inviting, and sure to become one of the most popular spots in your neck of the woods. Better keep the freezer stocked!

(Standard features on our pergolas: Double 2' x 6' Header w/ Double Corner Braces, Top Header Plates,     2' x 6' Runners w/ Decorative Ends, 2' x 4' Top Runners (except vinyl- 2' x 2'), 5' x 5' Posts, 36" Decor Post Cover, Stainless Steel Mounting Brackets)

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