Gazebos, Pavilions and Pergolas


Our Gazebo's are timeless additions to any yard. They evoke memories of an era that was, and that can be again. Relax and unwind in the gazebo of your dreams, available in all different materials, with screens or without, in wood or in vinyl, cedar or pine, the choices are virtually endless. In this day and age of craziness, build yourself an oasis in your own yard. All of our gazebos are built to heirloom standards and are destined to be a treasured addition to any home


We have an extensive selection of elegant pavilions. They create the look, the utility, and the grace that raises the overall look of your yard. They are available in a number of sizes and styles, so whatever your taste is we can accommodate it. They are available in vinyl, wood, stained wood, and painted wood. There are roof options and post options to suit every environment. Please take your time to see all the different looks you can create, and remember if you have other ideas we can accommodate them as well.


The refreshment of nature is waiting—in your backyard. All you need to unwind and enjoy family and friends is the time-honored pergola. The most open and airy of outdoor structures, pergolas block none of the gentle, refreshing breezes you want, while letting in a welcome portion of the sun’s warming rays. Pergolas are adaptable. For a more private area, side curtains are attractive and easy to add. For more protection against strong sun or light rain a variety of covering options are possible, from fabrics to fiberglass to retractable shade canopies. When woven throughout the top beams, cloth coverings are both beautiful and functional. Cover a pergola with vines or lush greenery and you have an eco-friendly solution for keeping out unwanted sunlight and staying dry in mild showers. When it comes to style, you can choose from our classic and contemporary designs in a range of looks that will match your home and personal taste. Plus, our wide variety of sizes means you’ll find one that perfectly fits the space you have available.